Prices and Plans

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A starter package if you have very little budget but must have a domain, which you can manage from your end. As many pages and posts as you like but only a small storage space.



A respectably specified package with email support built in for a single user and one website. You get extra storage and we’ll handle your domain renewal and DNS management.



If you need extra users (up to 3), extra storage or extra websites, domains or subdomains and optional functionality via plugins (at additional cost) you get every in one and more!

ONE – £36/y

The Starter package we call Plan One comprises 250Mb of storage space (for small pdf documents and images), but you get an unlimited number of pages and map a single website domain, but assumes this is managed by just you, along with domain renewals.

Our starter plan is part of a DIY service. Building your website is extra.

With this plan, if you have a question or a problem you’ll need to get practical help from a friend (but we will try and respond but only if your problem is really intractable, no one will help, or only we can solve your problem).

In fact, we assume you’re happy with the basic setup and to just get on with it on a DIY basis, without extra add ons.

Plan One will suit if you have just one small starter website hosted, on a tight budget or more likely no budget at all and your project isn’t at all mission critical.

We assume it is just you, we can’t supply coffee to an entire football team, not even a five aside one.

Plan One is far better value than just one coffee a month and the benefits last much longer.


MORE – £72/y

With the More Plan you get an 1Gb of storage for one site, an unlimited number of pages and posts and the ability to map a single domain that we will manage for you – i.e. buy and renew annually (at additional cost). 

You will get fast support via email – during our working hours in the working week, holidays excepted, 10:00 – 4:00.

We assume that you will have greater requirements that the basic starter site so we will be on hand as you get started but you should choose the annual plan if you want further functions added via a plugin (subject to our approval).

However, like all our DIY plans, you manage the content and control the settings, we don’t build the site for you.

If your project is mission critical (e.g. you are depending on leads or income), you may want to consider upgrading to the Plus Plan!


PLUS £12/m or £144/y

With the Plus Plan you get a total of 3Gb of storage on 3 sites (or 3Gb on one). There’s no limit on the number of pages and you’ll get your domains or subdomains mapped, whether or not we look after the registry.

With the Plus Plan you’ll get email based support with an answer if not a fix very quickly – during working hours, weekends and holidays excepted.

However, like all our plans this is a DIY service. Building and managing the content of your website is extra.

Choose this plan:

  • If you have more than 1 admins (other users will have to ask their admin) needing support (but only up to 3 in any one financial year)
  • If your project is just starting to generate leads, getting new members and/or increasing turnover, this plan is probably better for you.
  • Need additional functionality over and above the basic provision (annual contract only) ++
  • Require us to map email services to your domain, an extra one off fee is entailed.
  • If you are not ready for or do not want the overhead of managing your own setup, choose this plan.

For a more significant web presence, multiple websites or complex domain management, perhaps you have a regular income and you need more dependable levels of ongoing support we would recommend the PLUS plan.


N.B. But if you run a business, perhaps with a significant turnover or income, have paid FT staff, have unique privacy requirements, or require considerable freedoms to install your own software etc. or rejig your website – a self hosted arrangement is probably better. We can host your WordPress and advise.

++ If you want a plugin or theme installed it will come from the wordpress repository or from a very reliable developer, will update automatically, will not undermine the stability of our system; you understand that your customer data will be stored in our general database and that you will have set suitable cookie policies. To have added functions you are committed to a min. 1 year contract. There will be an initial administration charge to cover our evaluation and the installation.