Extra Toppings – £50

You need emergency help, initial advice, further help and advice on website management, template selection and configuration, or plugin setup (from our existing repertoire).

On a feature by feature basis you can buy someone’s time to help you get from A to B and then to C or D, for that matter, in 15 minute slots.

Bookable at reasonable notice (see limitations).

Nota bene: If you require a feature that is not available, let us know what you are after and we can discuss. Software can be installed but at our discretion and attracts a one off administration fee (to cover the testing and installation), additional support is also a chargeable offence. Software must be from a publicly available software repository and must support ‘automatic updates’. Additionally the software should be currently maintained and has been tested with the latest version of our platform software, wordpress multisite. The software must be compatible with a multisite network, in other words can be installed in a subsite. We cannot support you properly if the software requires a subscription or a licence that only you own and the developer then requires access to our network to support you. We will not entertain installing any old software. e.g. that has been nulled, using a friend of friend’s licence etc. If you are in a position to identify and install software yourself, you may wish to consider your own setup, with all that it entails.


Heavy lifting is generally excluded, e.g. if you are importing a significant site from somewhere else, need technology advice or major design interventions, management and content creation for any type of project, you are probably looking at an itemised quote with a day rate of £250 for socially inspired projects.

Bear in mind that a brand new project or a new direction will generally need several days, sometimes a lot longer if you don’t have any content or branding or have complex or other demanding requirements.

But if you have the branding, the content and a clear idea of the structure it is surprising what can be achieved in just a few hours.

Jam optional