Plan One (£3 paid monthly)

The Starter package we call Plan One comprises 250Mb of storage space (for small pdf documents and images), but you get an unlimited number of pages and map a single website domain, but assumes this is managed by you, along with domain renewals.

With this plan, if you have a question or a problem you’ll need to get practical help from friends or the community forum (but we will try and respond if your problem is really intractable, no one will help, or only we can solve your problem).

In fact, we assume you’re happy with the basic setup and to just get on with it on a DIY basis, without extra add ons.

Plan One will suit if you have just one small starter website hosted, on a tight budget or more likely no budget at all and your project isn’t at all mission critical.

Plan One is far better value than coffee and the benefits last much longer.