Extra Toppings – £35

You need emergency help, initial advice, further help and advice on website management, template selection and configuration, or plugin setup.

On a feature by feature basis you can buy someone’s time to help you get from A to B and then to C or D, for that matter.

Bookable at reasonable notice (see limitations).


Heavy lifting is generally excluded, e.g. if you are importing a significant site from somewhere else, need technology advice or major design interventions, management and content creation for any type of project, you are probably looking at an itemised quote with a day rate of £250 for socially inspired projects.

Bear in mind that a brand new project or a new direction will generally need several days, sometimes a lot longer if you don’t have any content or branding or have complex or other demanding requirements.

But if you have the branding, the content and a clear idea of the structure it is surprising what can be achieved in just a few hours.

Jam optional