1. Can I change my plan?

Yes, but be prepared for a reduced service.

2. Can I cancel a plan?

Yes, but we cannot refund unused credit. If you have setup a standing order contact your bank or cancel through your online account and ping us an email to tell us that you wish to cancel.

We’ll decouple your domain and reduce your file allocation. If your file allocation exceeds the free tier, we’ll contact you.

3. Can you invoice me?

Yes, contact the treasurer: treasurer@sustainingdunbar.org making sure you identify the website and domain.

The annual fee for Plan More with domain.org.uk is currently £79.20!

4. Where do I send my completed standing order?

To your bank. cc: treasurer@sustainingdunbar.org so we can keep records straight.

5. Can I maintain all my websites on a “free” tier indefinitely?

Yes, for now, provided your storage limit of 250Mb has not been exceeded. We will also decouple the domain if already mapped, and if we manage the domain registry, we won’t renew it on its anniversary, but see (7) below.

6. Can I downgrade my plan to  free plan?

Yes, provided your storage limit of 250Mb has not been exceeded, we will remove the security certificate on the domain and any domain mapping. You will need to do the same if you manage your own registry – forwarding with a security certificate is not advised.

7. If I don’t renew my domain what happens?

If you own a domain, it is wise to avoid letting it expire. Once it has expired you still have 3 months to reclaim a domain from the registry. After that it is sold on the open market.

A domain with a few years of history is a valuable commodity for fraudsters and spammers. To avoid confusing your users and reputational damage to your organisation, let us do the renewal, which means we can get the best rates for your (about 30% off retail prices from some domain sharks).

8. Why do WordPress.com, Wix etc. offer so much better value for money?

With hundreds of millions of dollars of investment (sometimes from private equity) other platforms can pass on the benefits of “economies of scale”.

We manage everything on a shoe string but do it locally and for the love of it – the platform is technically “community owned”. We don’t sell, mine, monetise or otherwise exploit your data.

9. My question isn’t covered here

Ping us an email

Summary of options

Domain mapping (you manage renewals and your own DNS)yes
Domain mapping (we manage renewals and DNS)yesyes
Unlimited pages and postsyesyesyes
Basic file space (256Mb)yes
More file space (1Gb)yes
A lot more file space (3Gb)yes
Multiple domains or subdomains (up to 3)nonoyes
Plugin configuration – from our toolset (£35)noyesyes
Additional plugins added and configurationsnonoyes
Email mapping and sub domains and DNS protectionnonoyes

nota bene, if you are confident managing your own DNS but need more space, then choose either the More or Plus Plans; for all additional work you need to be on an annual plan (More or Plus); added plugins are subject to a one off evaluation and testing fee – ask for a quotation (Plus only). Monthly budget plans assume you have limited requirements and do not need more advanced customisations.