1. Can I change my plan?


2. Can I cancel a plan?

Yes, but we cannot refund unused credit. If you have setup a standing order contact your bank or cancel through your online account and ping us an email to tell us that you wish to cancel.

We’ll decouple your domain and reduce your file allocation. If your file allocation exceeds the free tier, we’ll contact you.

3. Can you invoice me?

Yes, contact the treasurer: treasurer@sustainingdunbar.org

4. Where do I send my completed standing order?

To your bank.

5. Can I maintain all my websites on a “free” tier indefinitely?

Yes, for now, provided your storage limit of 250Gb has not been exceeded.

We will also decouple the domain if already mapped, and if we manage the domain registry, we won’t renew it on its anniversary.

6. My question isn’t covered here

Ping us an email