Pay by Standing Order

A Standing Order form to make a regular payment to Sustaining Dunbar is easier than all the other payment options and easy to cancel. If you have internet banking it should be easy enough for you to create the order

Sustaining Dunbar, Cooperative Bank
Account Number: 65298048 Sort Code: 089299

Otherwise just complete clearly in BLOCK CAPITALS and remember to send to your own bank, NOT just to us!

Choose the recurring amount Monthly or Annual, and, if we have ordered a domain for you, add that to the Annual Hosting, e.g.:- £63.70 + £72 = £135.70.

If the payment date is after your anniversary, you should make an initial payment, by bank transfer or using your banking app. Your anniversary is usually the date we purchased the domain for you.

Thank you for choosing our locality

Choose your plan

When you have paid, ping and cc: the by email and we’ll look into setting up your domain and file allocation ASAP.