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Grow your own Website

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to grow your own. The ourlocality offering is designed for non-technically minded people, who don’t want to learn code or worry about installing plugin X or Y or spend all their time dealing updates and security. You can have a very professional looking web presence on OurLocality but you won’t have much freedom because infinite choice is bewildering.

But it can be limiting. In this case a “YourOwnLocality” may make more sense, e.g. you need complete freedom to install plugins and themes, add your own code, additional performance, have e-commerce ambitions, require better segregation of user data, need a load balancing solution for those inevitable spikes when you go global etc.

If you are wanting your own installation of WordPress – independent of Our Locality but with the same trusted and reliable support, we can offer the following options:

WordPress Unlimited
Max sites 14Unlimited
Hosting platformShared hosting serverPrivate virtual serverA mirrored pair of VPS or mirrored pair of 12-core servers
Disk space10GBUp to 100GBUp to 8TB
24/7 server monitoringyesyesyes
Daily local backupsyesnono
Daily snapshotsnoyesyes
WP security updatesyesyesyes
Custom services inc. hardeningnoyesyes
Load balancingnonoyes
IPv6 capableyesyesyes
WordPress support (capped monthly)30m/month1hrs/month2hrs/month
Costsstarting at £960paCall UsCall Us
Note: If your enterprise requires complete autonomy chose Enterprise. If you need load balancing ask for Unlimited

Shared hosting costs upwards of £960pa or £100/m, if you prefer to spread the cost. We will charge a setup fee, depending on your detailed requirements.

With Managed & Unlimited our technical partners take care of installing and administering upgrades to your WordPress and the server.

They monitor your site 24/7 to ensure it keeps running, take daily backups and monitor security vulnerability announcements to ensure your site stays secure.

We will oversee the contract, help configure and manage your domain (including transfer and renewal of .uk domains), and give you as much technical access as you are happy with.

We will mediate with our technology partner and provide you with day to day WordPress support and advice, but you can also source your own.

Moreover, subject to the disk allocation and bandwidth limits specified above you are completely free to install whatever you like without the usual OurLocality restrictions.

If you have an existing website that you want to move – like for like, we can quote for that too.

The same OurLocality rules do apply: a local East Lothian presence or relevance and family friendly websites only.

How long is a piece of string?

Bear in mind that the length of a piece of WordPress string is well, er hum … infinite.